About us

WOODVILLE Carpentry treats wood as something bigger than just raw material for manufacturing products. It is a philosophy and a source of inspiration. Therefore, the furniture from "Woodville" TM is not only functional and practical.

Wooden tables, stools, chests of drawers, and a variety of interior decoration (clock, photo frames, figurines), designed in WOODVILLE Carpentry, preserve the natural beauty and uniqueness of the source material. Just have a look at our PORTFOLIO to assess it yourself.

The most notable trend in recent years is the appeal to sources – natural materials and simple forms. That is why functional classic, romantic Provence, rough country, unpredictable loft are so popular among the whole range of styles. WOODVILLE company tends to these very styles in the interior, however, does not limit itself to any framework and is always open to creating something new – out of the box and truly original.

A wide range of products comprises wooden furniture for home and garden (including garden benches, pergola and arches for climbing plants) and other objects for interior decoration. WOODVILLE produces everything required for 'greening' the premises and the surrounding grounds – boxes, tubs, cache-pots, floraria. In our carpentry you can order signs, logos, dimensional letters, green panels (natural moss), a variety of POS-materials. All products can be tailor-made to the required sizes.

WOODVILLE Company – is a Ukrainian manufacturer. The absence of various extra charges (customs, transport) allows the company to set quite an affordable price for their products.

WOODVILLE™ is a modern workshop of your comfort.

This is the philosophy of beauty in things that surround us every day; comfort, migrated from different parts of nature in your favourite area.

We are working to add flavour to every day of your life.

The most important thing is comfort. We believe that comfort is enclosed in details and appropriate emphasis. WOODVILLE™ strives to be at the right time in the right place to offer your impressive accents to your space.

Since 2009 the team of Woodville™ have been inbreathing comfort into bulky snags, cold mirrors, rough-hewn wood. This is what we love.

All of our items we make only by hand, not trusting the technology.

We want you to enjoy our tastes in interior.

WOODVILLE™ – add up comfort.

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