Using stands for flowers, you can effortlessly equip a piece of Paradise, with beautiful exotic flowers and air-refreshing plants. What is the advantage of specialised furniture for house plants and how to make the right choice?

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ANTWERP Podium Table
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ANTWERP Podium Table is a perfect pedestal for flowers in pots or cache-pots. The product is made of natural wood, with a simple but elegant form. Interesting feature – table-legs are of different heights. Table is painted white, and its top is covered with metal (galvanized sheet) – such a surface is not afraid of scratches or moisture. Thanks to this, this object is simply invaluable for florists. In the woodville store you can buy furniture from natural wood and specialized products for flower arranging.   If the item is out of stock, the production time ranges from 3 to 20 working days (depending on the availability of materials and spare parts). We recommend you to verify the production time of the manager.