Furniture from AMSTERDAM Collection will perfectly fit into the interior, designed in the loft or rustic style.
OLD AMSTERDAM Console Sink Stand
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The uniqueness of this stand is dictated by the natural beauty of the source material – a thick oak board. OLD AMSTERDAM Console Sink Stand is not a standard piece of furniture: its oak table top has a deliberately incorrect contour which will differ from each product. The pattern of annual rings and the wormholes on the surface of the board form an amazingly beautiful pattern. At the bottom of the cabinet, there is a shelf for practical use of the bathroom. The frame and bottom shelf are made of pine. The whole surface of the product is covered by three layers of special varnish with moisture barrier properties, so the cabinet will last for many years even in the wet bathroom environment. Attention: the ceramic washbasins and taps shown in the pictures are only as an example....

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A bright representative of the furniture in an eco-friendly style – OLD AMSTERDAM Table . The tabletop is made of old solid oak, the legs are made of pine. The surface of the table is covered with a semi-matte non-toxic varnish. This piece of furniture is truly unique, because its natural form is changed minimally, small cracks and knots are intentionally left as a demonstration of the uniqueness of natural materials. This table will be an expressive accent in the room, decorated in the appropriate style – rustic, country, loft, garage style. You can buy a handmade wooden table in our online shop If the item is out of stock, the production time ranges from 3 to 20 working days (depending on the availability of materials and spare parts). We recommend you...

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The classic AMSTERDAM Dining Table will be appropriate in any kitchen and the living room. The table is made of wood, the surface of which was processed using the technique of artificial aging. Thanks to this method, the texture of the material became more expressive, which gives the product a special charm. If the item is out of stock, the production time ranges from 3 to 20 working days (depending on the availability of materials and spare parts). We recommend you to verify the production time of the manager.

AMSTERDAM Decorative box

Modern trends in the design significantly empower the products, the purpose of which, at first glance, is quite clear. Thus, AMSTERDAM Decorative box from Woodville can become a table, bench, shelf, cabinet, shelving unit. Use your fantasy to continue. After all, this product is a truly versatile piece of the constructor. You can change its functions depending on your need at the moment. You can buy this solid box made of pine in our store. The surface of boards is painted with the non-toxic water-based paints or polished with the method of scorching. Price per unit is UAH 509 and UAH 719, purchase is possible from 10 pieces. Production time – from 3 to 10 working days depending on the availability of components and material in stock.