Custom order of furniture and decor

Individual order. Cost calculation

Wooden custom-built furniture

Understanding individual needs of the buyer, the Woodville Carpentry will willingly undertake the custom orders for production of wooden furniture at the same time considering all wishes of the client:

  • we will pick the right colour. Customer can choose suitable colour according to the samples or even is free to send the photographed sample. In the second case, of course, we do not guarantee a full "fit", because different screens transmit colours differently, but we can try;
  • we will make design custom-built furniture according to the set sizes and if you have a purpose to place an exclusive table made of wood in this narrow niche, we will place it there;
  • add details that were not in the original version, or vice versa – remove all that, in the opinion of the client, unnecessary in this object.

The most pleasant thing for our customers is that we do not take additional payment for production of wooden custom-built furniture. A finished item can be more expensive only if it requires more raw materials than the basic model, or if some components (materials, impregnation, accessories) have been replaced with more expensive ones. If the wooden custom-built furniture was produced of fewer materials, the total cost of it may be even less.

Attention: we take in an individual order, provided that its cost is not less than UAH 5000.

Individual orders are not subject to discounts, promotions and sales.

Wooden furniture production

A wide range that various furniture shops offer is still not able to satisfy in full the customer demand for originality and creativity. After all, imagination can not be stopped, and freedom of expression is now in trend. Therefore we offer production of exclusive custom-built furniture: as soon as you have an idea, make it into a drawing or a sketch and forward it to us.

Fortunately, you do not have to follow blindly the mass market, and if for real comfort you need individual design of wooden furniture, you just need to contact Woodville carpentry. Among our capabilities those which are worth highlighting are the following:

  1. Manufacture of furniture made of solid wood. We are aware that no MDF (medium density fiberboard) will replace natural material.
  2. Production of interior items in different styles. We create loft-style custom-built furniture, if these are your preferences in interior design. And if you prefer shabby chic, retro or exclusive custom-built furniture, then in this case we will be happy to help.
  3. Manufacture of wooden furniture for a children room. Of course, young people require furniture of excellent quality; as much as comfortable and bright. We will make kids wooden custom-built furniture according to your sketches and the set sizes, we will also paint it in the necessary colour and we draw a favourite character of your kid. In the production of wooden furniture we use only eco-friendly paints and varnishes, safe for health.
  4. Support of corporate style of the customer. Strong companies prefer that elements of their brand are depicted in the interior and entrance area, and our workshop is ready to make office wooden furniture on individual projects with the application of the client's logo. There are different ways to do this: the image can be burned with a laser, cut or painted. We also use a resin with a fluorescent pigment, through which the picture can be made glowing in the dark.

The production of wooden custom-built furniture

Woodville carpentry deals not only with the production of wooden furniture: our range contains a big number of decorative products. For example, three-dimensional wooden letters with bulbs, which can be bought as ready-made, as well as ordered under an individual layout; wall decor, candlesticks and other interior items. For instance, if you need designer custom-built furniture in loft-style, it would be logical to complement the interior and other elements, for example, with lamps and wall panels matching to style.

When providing various events and photo shoots it is a common to apply theme entourage. Arrangements to a wedding or a solemn presentation will require not only luxury custom-built furniture, but also specific items such as an arch, a platform, a tribune. You can see such theme items in our portfolio.

Wooden custom-built furniture

Woodville™ strives to be always there to create comfort in your home and garden. To make a reality this our desire the best possible way, we are ready to embody almost any non-standard ideas for the design of a room, a terrace and a garden. In our catalogue on the website you may find a big range of products of wooden custom-built furniture in Kyiv, however, it is not everything that we are capable of. Therefore, if you have not found the right product among Woodville products, please contact us +380 (98) 112 95 35.

Place an order for the manufacture of wooden furniture or any element of wooden decor, for example, wooden floor chest, which is not always easy to buy, taking into account individual design wishes; or you can also e-mail! At your request, Woodville representative will come to the site to take measurements and discuss the details. The cost of the visits shall be agreed separately.

Delivery and installation

Delivery of the orders is carried out in the format "to the building entrance". Drop-off into the apartment/house is subject to the availability of a freight elevator and subject to additional payment. Payment for such services is subject to discussion.

If the product cannot fit the elevator, the conditions for lifting the products by means of stairs are agreed with the Buyer (such additional service are additionally paid).

Our managers will help you to calculate the exact cost of delivery, taking into account all the features.

If necessary, Woodville staff can assemble the furniture at the customer's site. Installation of furniture (or other woodville products that require this service) is performed only on the territory of Kyiv. Furniture assembly is estimated at 20% of the cost of the product.