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Adding patina to wooden decor

Adding patina to wooden decor


Adding patina to wooden decor

We really love wood for the richness of colours, expressive textures, pleasant tactile sensations. But sometimes, especially on solemn occasions, there is a strong desire to gloss woodwork over with sophisticated elegance and chic. The so-called patination comes to the rescue, which artfully creates the illusion of a luxurious ancient object.

What is patina and patination?

The original meaning of the word "patina" has nothing to do with wood: It is the greenish patina that forms on copper or its alloys. But in a broad sense patina is the name for so called any traces of noble aging of any material, including wooden products. This is the case when the influence of time is so valuable and attractive that it is recognized to be worth imitating.

In order not to spend many years waiting for the aesthetic effect, various techniques of artificial aging were invented. Patination, as a rule, is understood as the application of metallized coating, but not in a smooth even layer, and with scuffs and stains. The purpose of this treatment is to simulate aging.

Patina benefits

Why imitation of old times often becomes preferable to just a new product, without flaws and defects? There are several reasons for this.

Patination is better than an ideal metallic coating, as a single reason - it iss more democratic. Solid "gilding" in the modern interior looks outright gypsy.

Products, touched by patina of time, bring comfort and individuality to the interior: properties that a faceless new jewellery, just fresh from the conveyor, does not always possess.

Decorative qualities of patination make any object much more stylish, complementing it with history and uniqueness.

Sometimes the product itself, even from a good quality material, looks rustic, without zest. In this case, as well, it makes sense to apply patination.

Patina allows you to create a sense of celebration, elegance – because the festive mood involves a lot of shine. And it is easy to keep the balance, which is an indicator of good taste.

Patinated products are an excellent alternative to antiques, not affordable to everyone.

Methods to patinate wood surfaces

Woodworkers use a variety of techniques to allot the surface with so desired "antique" effect. Manufacturers of paints and varnishes support this trend by issuing special products, which are called: "Patina", "Craquelure". There is also a lot of copyright techniques.

Woodville Carpentry this season has released a number of wooden products with a patinated surface. Inspired by the pearls of the Middle East architecture, we used the most vivid and organic colour combinations: silver with white, gold with red and turquoise.

To achieve the desired result, our craftsmen consistently perform such operations:

Paint the product in the base tone.

Water is sprayed over the painted surface.

Directly on water apply gold or silver patina.

Dry with blowdryer. The patina cracks and the base colour appears in the cracks.

As a result we get a brilliant, truly festive decor. In addition, this coating perfectly brings out the texture of wood. We also apply a similar technique for glass balls.

Tender angels, sparkling Christmas trees, impressively beautiful candlesticks are waiting for you in our showroom. Please, visit us at 70, Peremohy Avenue – be sure to find stylish jewellery for your home and original gifts for loved ones.

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