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Oiling and waxing wooden surfaces

Oiling and waxing wooden surfaces


What is wood processing with oil?

For impregnation of wood the most common of oils is linseed oil (however, sometimes others are also applied, for example, sunflower), thermally processed. It is perfectly absorbed into the wood and dries quickly.

In itself, the oil does not stain the original material, but only shades it. To provide much intense toning, pigments are added to the oil. In this case, it is necessary to stir the oil consistently, because the pigments can settle.

Work order:

  1. The surface is polished.
  2. With a brush or a roller the prepared oil is applied abundantly on a dry and clean surface. The tool is directed along the grain, as if rubbing the oil into them.
  3. With the help of cloth remove the excess oil.
  4. Repeat the procedure up to 3 times depending on the desired result.

The result is a smooth (but not glossy) surface with a warm honey shade. Oil prevents the penetration of moisture into the upper layers of wood. This method of wood processing will protect it from drying and cracking.

If the oiled surface is scratched or otherwise damaged, it will be easy to restore the attractive appearance of the product. It is enough to re-impregnate only the damaged area.

Features of wood waxing

To protect the wood from moisture and insect pests, the liquid containing wax of Carnauba palm tree is commonly applied. It is applied with a sponge or brush along the grain of the wood. After applying two layers of the product the surface becomes smooth and light shine.

The final hardening of the product takes about a month, so during this period you need to treat the product with extra care.

This method of processing the material is able to show the best qualities of hard wood – for example, oak.

If the surface is first impregnated with oil, and only then wax is applied, a thin polymer film is formed. After polishing the product will look as if it was coated with a thin layer of varnish.

The benefits of the treating wood with oil and wax

Compared to others, these substances:

  • safe for health – both during the treatment and during operation of products;
  • have a pleasant smell, light notes of which remain in the finished product;
  • have hydrophobic properties – that is, repel water;
  • strengthen the surface layers;
  • increase the wear-out resistance of the product;
  • do not create the effect of complete sealing, allow the wood to "breathe";
  • protect wood from insect pests;
  • effectively emphasize the natural beauty of the material.

For the wood, which was processed this way, it is characterized by brightly highlighted texture with a warm shade, pleasant to the touch.

In Woodville Carpentry it is well-known how to enhance the natural beauty of the unique pattern of wood. In our collection you will find products, the surface of which is processed with oil (for example, Retro series) or wax (for example, CHICAGO wine stand). Carrying out the individual order, we will consider your wishes.

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