AMSTERDAM Decorative box

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Modern trends in the design significantly empower the products, the purpose of which, at first glance, is quite clear.

Thus, AMSTERDAM Decorative box from Woodville can become a table, bench, shelf, cabinet, shelving unit. Use your fantasy to continue. After all, this product is a truly versatile piece of the constructor. You can change its functions depending on your need at the moment.

You can buy this solid box made of pine in our store. The surface of boards is painted with the non-toxic water-based paints or polished with the method of scorching.

Price per unit is UAH 509 and UAH 719, purchase is possible from 10 pieces. Production time – from 3 to 10 working days depending on the availability of components and material in stock.

!In the manufacture of decor and furniture presented on our website, many processes we carry out manually. Such production has its own peculiarities: items of even one name may differ slightly in size and shade. Please consider this when choosing a product. Read more here.