NEW YORK Wine Cabinet

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22 059

22 059


The presence of a stock of wine, brandy and other noble drinks indicates a full readiness for the celebration and host of guests. Where to store such a "strategic reserve"? NEW YORK Wine Cabinet is an elegant substitute for a wine cellar and kitchen cupboard. For technologically correct storage of wine bottles, there are horizontal cells, as well as a shelf behind a glass door. Where the wine is –  the glasses will be required, and here they have special grooves: the vessels are placed upside down, as expected for a bar.

An elegant wine cellar is made in the same classic style as the other pieces of furniture from collection New York: the natural wooden body, decent shapes, a prominent cornice, a black colour with scuff marks on the corners. NEW YORK Wine Cabinet will not take up much space and will look great in a kitchen or even a café very harmonious. 

In Woodville Studio, you can buy a ready-made wine cabinet or order the Wine-Cabinet for a given size.

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